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Modern American folk music, meets old time jams, giving you the foot stompin' knee slappin' sound of Trailer 31! Their music is greatly inspired by their individual journeys through life
and exploration of the great state of Oregon!

Joel comes from the small logging town of Philomath Oregon. Self taught guitar and banjo player as well as vocalist.

He is passionate for the outdoors, which is what brought him to Bend OR.

Growing up in a very musical family, and going to church every Sunday gave him
a good ear for melody and harmony in music (something he is very greatful for it now).

The inspiration for his music comes
from the continual new challenges
and experiences he faces through this journey. Much of Joel's earlier music was inspired by his journey's through the hills of Northern California and Oregon.

Dustin comes from the small town of Wallowa OR, where the mountains are high and the wilderness is wild and vast.

He is a self taught banjo, fiddle and guitar player as well as vocalist.

Dustin was part of a very musical family. His passionate adventurers spirit and love for travel, brought him inspiration for his music and his own personal journey.

He has a great love for the outdoors
and fulfills that expression through climbing, skiing, hiking, fly-fishing, and traveling on his dual-sport motorcycle.

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